Science is the third core subject in the curriculum. Through science children learn about the world around them. Science is usually taught through the class topics each term and the learning is planned to link with these topics. This ensures that the science the children learn is meaningful and relevant for them. Throughout the school, all teachers follow the objective set out in the Early Year Framework and the National Curriculum. By the end of each key stage, all children will have covered the entire programme of study. In addition to teaching the subject knowledge required, we encourage our children to work in an investigative way. Children are encouraged to design their own scientific investigations and as they move through the school they are challenged to make predictions, plan and evaluate their work more independently. The children are given opportunities in science to explore their own environment and we make use of the natural resources we have at school.

Children also learn about how to keep themselves healthy and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged throughout their time in school. Special science weeks also ensure that children enjoy science and experience visitors and outside experts in the subject.
We have recently joined the North Worcester Ogden Partnership. One the next 4 years (2021-2025) We will be working closely with 6 other primary schools and 4 secondary schools across the county fostering a love of Science.